EFI Bios Chip

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Original EFI Firmware chip for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac mini

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Brand new pre-programmed EFI Bios chip. 100% working and confirmed with clean ME Region.

The EFI Bios chip can be used for the following:

– Fix Corrupted Firmware caused during updates.
– Remove iCloud Lock (4 or 6 Pin Code)
– Remove Mac EFI Password Lock, Unlock Disabled Mac.
– Solve MDM ( Mobile Device Management), DEP (Device Enrollment Profile)


Please add your laptop serial number in the serial number field if you like to retain your original S/N.

NOTE: (Do not use your original serial number if your Mac has MDM or DEP Profile) Chip will come with a different clean SN.

(It will NOT remove the Operating system password or Hard Drive password)

Professional soldering skills are required to replace the chip. Please be careful to not damage any components around the chip.

We are not responsible if you damage your logic board.

If you don’t have soldering skills, we recommend checking our Solderless EFI Chip. It does not require any soldering or removing the old chip.

After installing the new chip is highly recommended to erase the disk, and then reinstall a clean version of macOS.

Please select the correct EMC model or motherboard number. The EMC number is written on the back cover of your Mac, or you can find the EMC number by visiting this website.



Please contact us at support@macbiosunlock.com if you have any questions or problems with your order.



Most common error messages and how to fix them.

An error occurred validating the installer data. The download is either damaged or incomplete.


-Installer error can’t be verified or was signed with a certificate that has expired

-How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC)

-How to reset PRAM on your Mac

Shipping/ Returns


• United States: USPS First Class 3-5 business days. (Free)
• United States: USPS Priority Mail 2-3 business days ($7.00)

• All orders are shipped within 24 hours from USA

Returns: 14 days return or exchange. Please contact us if there is any problem with your order.

We will charge a 20% restocking fee plus round trip shipping charges will apply.


EFI Chip Location/ Installation


  • Please make sure to follow the pin sequences; there is order on the pins. The small dot on the chip is PIN #1. Make sure to check the position of the old chip and solder the new chip following that order.

Reset the PRAM after installing the new chip

  •   Turn on your Mac and hold down all four keys at the same time. “Command” + “Option” + “P” + “R”

  • Keep holding down all four keys until you hear the startup sound for the second time.
  • Reinstall a clean version of macOS. (First, erase the hard drive using Disk Utility and then reinstall macOS)

EFI Chip Location:


A1370 820-2796 EMC 2393     A1370 820-3024 EMC 2471     A1465 820-3208 EMC 2558         
A1465 820-3435 EMC 2631     A1465 820-00164 EMC 2924    A1369 820-3023 EMC 2469         
A1466 820-3209 EMC 2559     A1466 820-3437 EMC 2632     A1466 820-00165 EMC 2925        
A1466 820-00165 EMC 3178
Pro 13"
A1278 820-2879 EMC 2351     A1278 820-2936 EMC 2419     A1278 820-3115 EMC 2554
A1278 820-2936 EMC 2555     A1425 820-3462 EMC 2557     A1425 820-3462 EMC 2672      
A1502 820-3476 EMC 2678     A1502 820-3476 EMC 2875     A1502 820-4924 EMC 2835     
A1706 820-00239 EMC 3071    A1708 820-00875 EMC 2978    A1706 820-00923 EMC 3163     
A1708 820-00840 EMC 3164
Pro 15" - 17"
A1286 820-2523 EMC 2324     A1286 820-2850 EMC 2353      A1286 820-3330 EMC 2556     
A1286 820-2915 EMC 2563     A1398 820-3332 EMC 2512      A1398 820-3662 EMC 2674      
A1398 820-3787 EMC 2745     A1398 820-3662 EMC 2876      A1398 820-3787 EMC 2881    
A1398 820-00138 EMC 2909    A1398 820-00163 EMC 2910     A1707 820-00281 EMC 3072    
A1707 820-00928 EMC 3162    A1297 820-2610 EMC 2329
Mac mini 2011 - 2014

Mac mini 2011 A1347 820-2993 EMC 2442      Mac mini 2012 A1347 820-3227 EMC 2570  
Mac mini 2014 A1347 820-5509 EMC 2840
Mac Pro 2010 - 2013

A1289 820-2337 
A1481 820-3637 EMC 2630
A1419 820-00291 EMC 2834
A1419 820-00609, 820-00134 EMC 3070
A1419 820-3478 EMC 2639
A1314 820-2828 EMC 2429

4 reviews for EFI Bios Chip

  1. Pat S

    For older Macs that need a physical BIOS Chip replaced to unlock, unenroll, and change password – this will work well. You do have to desolder the old BIOS and resolder a new BIOS but if you don’t have the facilities, you can send in your Mac and they will professionally install the new BIOS. Cost is more but worth not having to destroy a main board due to soldering. I have used this mail in service 4 times and have had older 2010-2011 Macs replaced out. Perfect service and they can even retain your old serial number!

  2. Jim

    My MacBook Air is unlocked and back to life. Thank you Macbiosunlock. Will come back again.

  3. JJP

    Received my EFI chip for my iMac EMC2429 Today. Less than an hour later it was up an running with the original serial number. I am absolutely satisfied!

  4. Danilo Mucio

    I have a MacBook Air 2012, I no longer remembered the EFI password, I had to change the ssd and for not remembering the password it had been stopped for years. Here in Brazil there is no company that does this service. I bought the eprom and changed it, my mac came back to life.

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